I'm crossing the T's and dotting the I's.

Proofreader for copywriters and marketing agencies

I'm Hayley

I help copywriters and marketing strategists with their written content – both online and in print. I provide professional and affordable proofreading and copyediting for a whole range of copy – from blogs to manuscripts.

I know you've probably come to me because you're not as confident with your grammar as you'd like to be, or you just want someone to check it over to make sure there's nothing major you've missed. I totally understand!

Let me take your writing to an even higher standard.

I offer both proofreading and copyediting services, meaning I check for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Many ask, what’s the difference between proofreading and copyediting? Check out my blog post about this exact topic!

I can help you to convert leads into clients and potential readers into your biggest fans.

If you’re looking for someone to proofread your copy before sending it back to a client? I’m your woman. If you want someone to copyedit your blog posts regularly? We can come to an arrangement. Do you need a proofreader & copyeditor for the masterclass you've spent MONTHS working on? I can make it shine in all of the right places.

I offer fast and reliable proofreading and copyediting on a wide range of materials, including:
Email Campaigns
Sales Pages
Website Content (including blogs)
Social Media Content/Ads
Masterclass Workbooks
Training Guides
Webinar Content

Whatever copy you have; it will only benefit from having a trained eye read through it. There's nothing worse than sending something back to a client or hitting the "publish" button to then realise a glaring error in the first paragraph that your tired eyes have missed. 

You've been searching for an editor for a while and now you've found someone who knows what they're doing.

You've come to my website for a reason, so get in touch and lets get the ball rolling!

I'm a proofreading and copyediting specialist in South Yorkshire, England. 

Are you good at proofreading?
Why not test your skills...


Proofreading: Checks for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors and typos. It makes sure your copy is correct, consistent and professional. I check your piece letter by letter. This is the final check of the document.


Copyediting: Makes sure your content is accurate and clear to understand, including fact-checking and making sure there aren't any major plot-holes. This includes basic grammar/spelling/typo checks. I check your piece line by line. This service includes small re-writes where needed.


Proof-editing: This is a combination of copyediting and proofreading. Firstly your piece goes through a copyedit, making sure it makes sense and there are no inconsistencies. It is then proofread fully before it is sent back to you.

How Proofreading & Copyediting can help...

I've been involved in the publishing industry for the past five and a half years now, so having a reliable person proofreading for my publications is a key element to my business.

Hayley is not only very thorough in her work, more importantly she is accurate, punctual and always on time, which greatly assists me in being able to meet tight production deadlines.

Hayley is a valuable and very necessary asset to my business and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to any other publisher.

Peter Holmes, Editor of Barnsley Today Magazine