Do you struggle with your spelling? Is grammar confusing to you?
Are you worried that you've completely missed the brief and the client is going to hate it?!

That is exactly why I am here to help. 

There are different ways to price the services I offer; however, I generally charge per hour or per 1000 words for longer pieces. There are many varying rates for proofreading in the UK, and I pride myself on offering an affordable and adaptable service. I can offer a set price, an hourly rate or a day rate depending on the material and its complexity.

Due to the varying types of copy I work with, and varying levels of proofreading/copyediting that may be needed, I ask to see a sample of the work before giving a free quotation

This helps me to understand the depth of the work and the length of time it will take me. I will need to know the approximate length of the piece, the deadline for completion and what service you require.

My hourly rate is £20 per hour (excluding weekends/bank holidays) and I offer monthly packages on request. If this is something your company is interested in, please drop me an email to check my availability.

If you need some convincing that you're in the right place, take a look at my client testimonials :)

If you have something else that you would like to be proofread/copyedited then please get in touch to discuss this further.